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In a UN report, the Committee on the Rights of the Child says that Argentine adolescents between 13 and 16 should decide if an abortion is their best option. Full Story

The volcano exploded again on Monday and Tuesday, spewing more hot gas and molten rock into the atmosphere and impeding the work of first responders. Full Story

“There are hitmen governments in the Americas because they want to destroy - they do not come with a project or with a hope for the people," Arreaza said.
Evo Morales said he condemns U.S. coup attempts in Venezuela with the pretext of applying of the OAS Democratic Charter.
Inequality is not just about income, it's an intersectional issue about access and results.
Eduardo Cunha was sentenced to 24 years in prison. Last year he received a 15-year prison sentence, also for corruption. 
Mujica urged Latin America to strengthen regional integration amid Unasur's prolonged crisis.