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David Smilde, in a New York Times op-ed, stated that a US military invasion of Venezuela would be "folly." Actually it would be a major c...
"I say this... because I take it for granted that the US government will continue to interfere in the internal affairs of Latin America unless...
As we demand a change in tone and behavior in the White House, we must also demand a change in U.S. international foreign policy away from militari...
Book reveals much the U.S. First Family would have preferred to remain behind White House iron curtains, but it’s proven that blood is always...
Pope Francis, an ex-nightclub bouncer, has always refused to genuflect to those holding proverbial guns to his head.
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teleSUR spoke with Marco Leon Calarca, a former spokesperson for the ex-guerrilla group about the prospects for peace and their movement in 2018.
TeleSUR speaks to Cuba expert Arnold August about Raul Castro's impending retirement and U.S.-Cuba relations.
Despite crushing external pressure, violent protests and lingering economic problems, Venezuela’s president came out stronger in 2017.
The U.K. has been bolstering its defenses around the island in response to what London regarded as a confrontational attitude under Argentina&rsquo...
A new exhibition by Mexico City-based feminist artist Monica Mayer, entitled "El Tendedero (The Clothesline Project)," lends much-needed ...